Design Lab for Kids

A Design Education Initiative for Children 9-11 years old.
Aiming to foster different ways of looking at the world through design.

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“Every object tells a story if you know how to read it.”

— Henry Ford


It all started when...

The perceptual language of objects ranging from the discipline of science to the richness of expressive means of art.
Its charm is revealed to us by fostering a whole world full of logic, emotion and imagination.

Beginning with an example of an everyday object, children are invited to discover the utilitarian
and symbolic dimension of things.
The pedagogical value of usable objects is offered for the approach of not only real but also mental concepts based on things, contributing to the balanced development of the two axes that, according to Lewis Mumford, characterize the upper stages of development of a culture: the symbol (art) and the tool (technique).


Educational Workshops

The Design Lab Kids foster the active involvement of pupils 9-11 years old with contemporary issues. Understanding by making the concepts from the field of Design the children discover the utilitarian, symbolic and semiotic dimension of the everyday objects. They extend their design practices and they stimulate their ability to critically judge the objects around them, encouraging the natural search for knowledge. 
Starting from the stage of analyzing a subject, sharing the conceptions of the idea ending with the construction and prototyping of an designed object.